Grades and Selection

We stock all grades of sleepers, namely A, B and C grade.

We do not make furniture, so the best sleepers are passed on to you and not held back for our own use.

We always have stock of most items. You may select any item at any time.

Our trained staff are there to help and to assist you with selection

Cutting and Brushing

We Cut & Brush sleepers:

Shorter for garden steps, staircases & and benches.
Into planks for furniture etc.

We cut your selected sleepers to specifications.

We cut your own sleepers according to your requirements.

We deliver within a 100km radius at a nominal fee.

Long Sleepers

( 2,4m 2,7m 3,0m 3,3m 3,6m 3,9m )

Sleepers longer than 2,1m can be ordered subject to availability. Hard to find as they were only used in rail cross-overs and inter-changes.

These are particularly popular for long lintels, staircase railings and deck frameworks.