Tough times call for tough furniture

Even in tough economic times you don't have to compromise on the quality of your furniture. By using discarded railway sleepers you can have high quality furniture made, or make it yourself.

Sleepers were put under rail tracks for support.

Sleepers were made from the hardest wood available and has become very valuable as these timber types became more scarce and sought after.

Timbers that were used were amongst others:
Rhodesian teak,
Lebombo Ironwood,
Msassa and
Panga Panga (Partridge wood)

Although wooden sleepers are still available, they are becoming scarce and are now replaced by concrete sleepers. Sleepers were imported from mainly Africa, Australia and Malaysia. Sleepers obtained from local sources for maintenance on railway lines are largely Pine and Seligna, both not suited for furniture.

In the construction industry, solid sleepers are used to support large machinery," says Jakes Maree, owner of Sleeper Sales in Centurion.
The greatest surprise that hides within the sleepers is the variety of colours, which you can only see once the wood is cut. These colours vary in shades of yellows, reds and black.

Sleepers are very popular as focal points in gardens, such as garden paths or water features.

Sleepers are cut into planks of various thickness to suit the needs of customers.

Furniture "that will last forever" is made by private individuals, manufacturers & contractors" says Maree. People also use these planks in staircases, buildings (lintels), window frames, swivel doors, gates and much more. For a smoother look, the holes in the planks where the large screws were removed, can be filled.

Another unique feature is that no two sleepers look the same, which means that your furniture will also have unique qualities. Because of the hardness of the wood, special machinery & equipment is needed to cut planks.

Our enthusiastic staff will help in the selection of timber and cutting options at any of our three outlets.

For more information on the different uses of sleepers or other enquiries, contact Jakes Maree on 082 569 8168.